Q - How many images will I have from a full session?
A - You will receive 20-30 images. 

Q - When are you available?
A - My schedule is flexible but the best light is at 
"Golden Hour" which is about an hour before sunset.

Q - Do you do photograph weddings, parties or events?
A - No, I prefer to focus on portraits.

Q - What gear do you use?
A - I use a Canon R6 as my main body, and my favorite 
lenses are my 50 mm and my 70-200 mm.

Q - How long will it take to view my photos?
A - About 2 weeks.

Q - Who do you recommend for printing?
A - MPix, Shutterfly, Tiny Prints and Smallwoods Home.

Q - Do you "touch up" the photos?
A - Yes, I lightly retouch all photos to ensure everyone looks their best!